An Everlasting Tribute To Josie Zollo, A Loving Mother, Wife, Daughter & Sister

The night the family gathered around Josie Zollo to say our goodbyes as she left us behind created a great void. She was my beloved sister-in-law, sister of Anna and Sam. Auntie to Frank, Nadia and Ben. Mummy to Amelia and devoted wife to Nick Zollo. Eldest Daughter to Maria and Giovanni Caruso; She will always be their cherished Guiseppina.

I’m honestly at a loss for what to say. We all loved Josie so much. She was always a guiding force and a shining beacon. Even though we knew she was not well we did not expect to lose her so suddenly.

Josie Zollo

Before the funeral Nick, Amelia, Sam, Lorraine, Nadia, Anna and I got together, along with some nibbles, pizza and wine, to talk about all the beautiful memories of our Josie. From that lovely night Lorraine put together this Eulogy which she read out with such grace and feeling on the day of the funeral.

Josephine’s life started at the Queen Victoria Hospital at Rose Park on the 10th of September 1956. …the treasured first daughter of John and Maria Caruso.

Despite thinking for years her name was Giuseppina, on finally seeing her birth certificate on application of a passport for their honeymoon, Josie learned her registered birth name was actually Josephine.

Josie was raised in Norwood , then moved to St Peters when along came Anna and Sam…… the two youngsters broke the mould of Josie’s well mannered and obedient ways!

….Well…that’s how it seemed…but who knew about the mid week ‘sewing classes’??…. Anna did…. and young Josie was not busy sewing…but was hanging out at Norwood AMF… and Sam’s Disco.

As Nick recalls…’all Josie had to show for 6 months sewing classes was one pillow case’!

Josie went to school at East Adelaide Primary and then Norwood Girls Tech ..after which time Josie headed off to Business School and promptly landed her first job at Southern Farmers as a cashier.

The job couldn’t come soon enough because we can all remember Josie’s great passion for expensive shoes and handbags and her favourite shopping place ….David Jones.

So….why the need for all the gorgeous shoes? Well, that would be because she had her eye on a gorgeous young man! ….that certain young man who Josie met on lunch time dates…

….one particular occasion Nick remembers, was their secret meeting at Waterfall Gully….a tricky place to date with those gorgeous shoes!

…and what does one do next…bring the young man home to meet Mum and Dad?

Well, that would have been a good plan…..if Josie’s Mum hadn’t already been introduced to Nicola at the local shops as Josie’s boyfriend…sprung!

But there was evidence of a blooming relationship everywhere…..the strangers picnic Josie wanted to attend…the carnations suddenly appearing…..

Apparently when Josie was told she couldn’t go to the picnic, her response to her parents was…’THAT’S IT!’.

Anna remembers well ‘THAT’S IT’… but never really new what that meant.

But nothing was going to stop this gorgeous couple….despite Mum’s best attempts at controlling the situation….with milk bottles being put out just at the point Josie was saying goodbye to Nick….and the special light switch which was turned off and on repeatedly to tell Josie it was time to come in.

The picnic that Josie wanted to go to was with Josie and Nicks Compari’s Filly and Ralph. Their dear friends introduced Josie and Nick and their friendship has spanned many years, children, celebrations, and beautiful memories.

It was obvious in a short period of time that Josie and Nick were the perfect pair and married 16 months later at the Annunciation Church at Hectorville on the 29th of January 1978.

Nick and Josie set up their home in Karratta Avenue, Campbelltown and began to figure out how they would plan their weekly meals….

…Nick was looking for routine…schnitzels Monday night…lasagna Tuesday night…Josie was happier to ‘go with the flow’ and change it up a bit. This ‘change it up a bit’ led to leaving a roast in the microwave on high for 3 hours… technology and Josie were never besties!

Whilst sharing our stories of Josie together as a family over the past few days, we really did struggle to find a household challenge for Josie…..

…..everyone wants to be at the Zollo house for an occasion….Josie is a fabulous cook and to be a guest in their home is an occasion not to be missed. The family have spent many happy occasion together at Josie and Nicks.

Josie is so close to her many, many friends and family and has a special relationship with us all. One relationship which has spanned many years as both family and dear friends is that with her Brother in Law and Sister in Law Dom and Imma. They conquered many a snack bar together, and in particular the famous Domnicks at Camden Park. We all enjoyed the leftovers!

After quite a rehearsal of 10 years, along came little Millie. Josie and Nicks pride and joy….a little girl…. who after taking her time to come into the world decided to arrive 3 months early.

Flowers Josie Zollo Memorial

Millie was by Josie’s side…. literally everywhere….they shopped till they dropped which took them on many interstate trips to Melbourne, sharing their great passion for shopping and musicals. Hairspray is a particularly fond memory for Millie.

Millie knew that Mum would have just the right answer when she needed it and treasured the opportunity to just chat through stuff….

…..Mum always knew what was right.

Nick, Josie, and Millie have shared a wonderful life together. Amongst many fond memories was a long awaited trip to Italy (after missing out in 1980…Josie would tell us!)…many great nights with good friends at Pt Elliot, Disneyland, wine trips to the Coonawarra with Denis and Lydia, and many nights around the BBQ with family and friends.

There are so many good memories …..and the last we will share is that of Josie’s angel Jackie at the Burnside Hospital. One of life’s rare humans who provided such great love, care, support, and friendship to Josie and all of our family through very difficult times.

In closing, we would like to share our personal thoughts of Josie with all our treasured family and friends here today….

Josie’s sister Anna would like to share with you this…

Josie is the most beautiful sister you could ever ask for. She is my big sis, my best friend and the person I can always count on. She is always there for me and is the person I trust and go to for everything. I miss her terribly

Josie’s brother Sam would like to share……

My big sister Josie is the ultimate big sister where I can get away with anything. I am sure I owe her lottsa money for presents she has brought on my behalf…she is my big sister and always will be my big sister…

Josie’s beloved Mum and Dad would like to share with you……

Josie, you are our first born and have brought such joy and pride to our family. You are a shining example to so many and will stay in our hearts forever.

and from Nick and Millie…..

We couldn’task for a better wife, mother, companion, and friend.

We love you.

Eulogy Josie Zollo

Memories Of Josie Zollo

There are many flowers in the world
But only one named Josephine
To her parents she was Guiseppina
Forever will she be in their hearts.

To Nicola she was Josie,
A part of him she will always be.
To Amelia she was mummy,
A guiding light she will always see.

To the rest of us an angel,
Always there in time of need
A flower, so pristine, so perfect
Too perfect for these earthly fields

So God plucked her from her loved ones,
so suddenly, it left a void,
We now know He had a purpose,
So, in heaven she could bloom.

Josie Zollo and Amelia

Nick Zollo

To my darling wife, you are the love of my life. We depended on each other and I know you are still with me, but I feel lost. I feel so lost Roses Josie Zollowithout you by my side or on the couch in the next room. Josie, you were a tower of strength, but unfortunately the battle was too much for your body to bear.

The script of your life wrote you off too young and there was so much left unsaid and too many dreams unfulfilled. Josie, I will try to hold it together as you would want me to do but it won’t be easy.

My darling, I miss you so much already and I will love you and listen to you forever. My heart is confused. My heart is in shock but my love for you will never fade.

Goodbye and God Bless! Your Nick

P.S., give my mum a big hug from me.

Amelia Zollo

Dear Mummy, you were my rock and my best friend. You knew me better than I knew myself. I will cherish the memories and the laughter. I miss you so much already but I will follow in your footsteps of great shopping, great love, great travel, great food and one day a great Mummy.

Love you always, your little girl Amelia

Giovanni And Maria Caruso

Giuseppina, Cara figlia ci hai lasciato con tanto dolore ma nel nostro cuore rimanerai sempre con tanto amore e speranza che giorno siamo insieme di nuovo.

Mamma e papa xxx

Anna Pelliccia

Beautiful, beautiful Josie,I can’t believe you are gone. You were my big sis and my best friend, You were always there for me and everyone that needed you. We shared so much together and had so much more to share. I miss you so much already………

Love you always. Your sis, Anna.

Frank And Nadia

Our Auntie Josie is an extraordinarily beautiful lady who will continue tobe cherished by us always. She is an angel who will continue to make us laugh, smile and enjoy each precious day, just as she would. We miss you immensely Auntie Josie.

Love you forever, your nephew Frank and niece Nadia.

Sam, Lorraine, Ben and Georgi

To beautiful Josie. Our adored sister, siste-in-law and Aunt. We know you will always be with us but we will miss you so much. Your strength, love and magnificent smile will go with us everywhere.

With love and deep sadness, Sam, Lorraine, Ben and Georgi


My loving daughter-in-law Josie. Many happy memories of times shared. God bless you for we have been blessed to have had you in our lives.

Antonio and Maria Giuseppa (deceased) Zollo

To Our dear sister-in-law Josie. We can’t believe you are gone. No more pain, no more hospitals. We have a special bond. All those years together, snack bars, holidays, family get togethers. You are a very special lady.

Rest now. Dom and Imma.

Zia, we are thankful for showing us an amazing zest that will carry on with us as we come to terms with our loss. You will always be in our minds. All our love to Zio Nick, Amelia, Saverio and family.

Irena and John, Anthony and Patricia, Alex and Marcus

Josie, our dear sister-in-law. You were an inspiring and heart filled lady. You showed kindness to everyone around you. Josie, you tried so hard to stay with your family and fought a tough battle, but unfortunately you were taken too soon. We will miss you to infinity.

Rest easy now. Rosalba and Sam Scutella

Dear Auntie Josie. Thank you for being such a caring person, not just to us but to all. We will always cherish the wonderful family occasions spent together. We adored you and will continue to adore you with all our hearts.

Love Bianca And Anthony, Frank and Jacob

Josie Zollo: Born 10 September 1956

                    Died 8 August 2012 

Josie Zollo A Loving Memorial

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